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I recently bought a used car. My mom and I brought it into the dealership to get it checked out to make sure everything was alright and in shape. They recommended a 50g maintenance so we did that and paid almost 1g. My mom also asked that they check everything thoroughly to insure my safety. They called us and told us we needed to do two major repairs and so we agreed, spent another 1g. Then the same day one of my lights came on about the engine. We went back and they said they had "looked at it" and it was fine earlier. Now they had to replace my air conditioning filters? Or something random. Then the next week I discovered that they had damaged my transmission cover and my fluid was leaking. They had to do YET ANOTHER repair and then tried also to sneak in two unnecessary repairs because they KNEW my mom would pay for "my safety." Like the window button that still worked, they also "changed" my headlight that WAS WORKING THE NIGHT BEFORE. And they said my car was driving odd because the tire rotors were "warped" even though I JUST HAD THEM CHANGED A MONTH AGO. They also aligned my tires that were aligned at that same time as my break pad/rotor change. Now my car drives even WORSE, and my break screetches. AND CHARGED FOR THAT. With the price of the repairs I could have bought a new car. NOT ONLY THAT the salesmen were EXTREMELY SEXIST AND HOSTILE towards me and my mom. They also left multiple scratches on my car and pretended to not understand me when I bought it up. They also left the inside a mess with dirt and grass.. who know where that came from. A week later after the rotor change a light came on that said my break pads were worn WHILE I WAS driving ca-17. The suicide highway. They had messed up a contact I later figured out while changing the rotors or whatever the *** they were doing. I called up the dealership and they had the guts to say "oh well I'm not going to tell you if it's safe or not. or if you should drive or not. or get towed. YES MAM, i know you're in the middle of 17 but no see im not going to get in between if its safe or not. yeah i dont know if you can keep driving. yeah i dont know anything. yeah BUT LETS SCHEDULE ANOTHER APPOINTMENT AND TAKE YOUR MOMS MONEY!!!"

So I had to call my boyfriend to tell me my car wasn't going to kill me in the middle of that death drive.

I HIGHLY DO NOT RECCOMEND THIS DEALERSHIP. They took advantage of my mom's concern and drained her credit card. They were rude and sexist and NOT helpful at all. In fact they really did not fix shi t on my car. They further damaged it and we had to pay for repairs.

Volkswagen on Stevens Creek is full of manipulative bas tards that's only concern is to get comission.

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